Published in Magma Poetry, issue 54.

I found some snus on the floor while cleaning today.

It was lying in the middle of the room, moist
and black like just spat out snus that she

nursed under her lip sweet raucous taste straight
to the furthermost corners of her mouth misplaced

food that she fed from her mouth
as we opened our beaks glistening stubs of hungry muscle

warm sacks I took out of my mouth when she wasn’t looking
and hid in my pocket warm sacs

I would plead for I need a fix mamma please
and she would divide and distribute all magnanimity and providence

inside out moustache with its legs stretching along the gums
tickle the tonsils and strangle the tongue my pleading

pleasure please let me leave let me roll out my tongue
a carpet for your step let me spread out my hair

an umbrella for your grasp let me shut
my eyes and drag the raven angles from your sleep.

For a long time I kept finding her snus in my pockets.

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