As author:

Vestigial (Edinburgh: Stewed Rhubarb Press, 2022)

Split. Trans. by Juana Adcock. (Querétaro: Palíndroma, 2022)

Manca y más poemas. Ed. and intro. by María José Bruña. (Zaragoza, Spain: EOLAS, 2021)

Split (Edinburgh: Blue Diode Press, 2019)

Manca. Trans. by Robin Myers. (Mexico City: Argonáutica, 2019). Bilingual edition.

Manca (Mexico City: Fondo Editorial Tierra Adentro, 2014)

Publications edited:

Temporary Archives: Poetry by Women in Latin America, Juana Adcock and Jessica Pujol, eds. (Arc, EHUP, 2022)

Rivera Garza, Cristina. Seams/Costuras. (UK: Girasol Press, 2019)

One-Handed: Poetry by Mexicans, Translators, Scots and Google, Ed., trans. and intro. by Juana Adcock, (Santiago de Chile: Hebel, 2018)

Punto de partida: diez poetas británicos (1975-1986), Sel., trans. and intro. by Juana Adcock, 194 (2015)

New Books From Mexico: London Book Fair. Mexico Market Focus (Mexico City: Conaculta, 2015)


Books translated:

Ancira, Lola. The Sadness of Shadows (London: MTO Press, forthcoming 2024)

Wittner, Laura. Translation of The Route (London: Poetry Translation Centre, forthcoming 2024)

Matiuwaa, Hubert. The Dogs Dreamt (London: Flipped Eye Publishing, forthcoming 2023)

Matiuwaa, Hubert. First Rain (London: Flipped Eye Publishing, 2021)

Caputo, Giuseppe. An Orphan World. Juana Adcock and Sophie Hughes, trans. (Edinburgh: Charco Press, 2019)

Osorno, Diego Enrique. Slim: The Power, Money and Morals of One of the Richest Men in the World (New York: Verso Books, 2019)

Navarro, Tomás. Kintsugi (London: Hodder & Stoughton, 2018)

Wiener, Gabriela. Sexographies. Lucy Grieves and Jennifer Adcock, trans. (New York: Restless Books, 2018)

Hutchison, Alexander.Gavia Stellata (Guadalajara: Mantis Editores, 2015)

Navarro, Julia. Story of a Sociopath. (Madrid: Penguin Random House, 2015)


Work in anthologies:

“Sabotaged translation,” in Ida Börjel, ed. Miximum Ca Canny The Sabotage Manuals you cutta da pay we cutta da shob (Oslo: Commune Editions, 2021)

“On love and dying languages,” in James Byrne, ed. 50 British Poets Born After 1950 (Mexico City: Círculo de Poesía, forthcoming)

“The Christmas tree,” “The Serpent Dialogues,” and “Truth is structured like a fiction,” in Nathalie Teitler and Nii Ayikwei Parkes, eds. Un Nuevo Sol: British LatinX Writers (London: Flipped Eye Publishing, 2019), 95-107

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“Waking up the stones,” in Rachel Piercey and Emma Wright, eds. Slow Things (London: Emma Press, 2015), 21

“Pennies, or how I single-handedly saved us from the crisis,” in Colin Waters, ed. Be The First To Like This: New Scottish Poetry (Edinburgh: Vagabond Voices, 2014), 49-58

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“Hitherto I have siempre known,” in Scrap Poesi (Malmö: Poesía con C, 2011), 4-8

“The hum of Gargantua,” in Gordon Jenkins and Robert Smith, eds. Sushirexia: 32 stories about hunger (Glasgow: Freight, 2010), 99-103

“Me dices,” Antología mínima del orgasmo (Monterrey: Ediciones Intempestivas, 2009), 36

“Doxy,” in Susan Kemp and Fiona Rintoul, eds. Let’s Pretend: 37 stories about (in)fidelity. (Glasgow: Freight, 2008), 143-146

Work in literary magazines (selection):

English, Dispatches, Magma Poetry, Shearsman, New Writing Scotland, The Dark Horse, Structo, Gutter, Fractured West, Glasgow Review of Books, Four-Fold, Unsettling Wonder, Words Without Borders, San Diego Poetry Annual, Revista Kokoro, Revista Imán, Revista Kokoro, Periplo, Los perros del alba, Metrópolis, Posdata, Tierra Adentro, Revista El Humo, Transtierros, Mexico City Lit, Anomalous Press, In Other Words journal for literary translators, Revista Armas y Letras.

Translations of my poetry have been published in Hungarian, Latvian, Slovak, Catalan and Polish literary magazines in print and online.

Poetry/sound installation:

wrathbones. Designed, composed, recorded and mixed tracks for a multilingual poetry and music installation at StAnza International Poetry Festival 2019, weaving together work in 8 languages.

Poetry comics authored:

This Body of a Woman I Inhabit. Illust. by Nicky Arscott. (Wales: Mother Mary Press, 2018)

Short pieces translated (selection):

Caputo, Giuseppe. “The Cardboard Star.” Washington Square Review, 44 (2019), 149-153

Osorno, Diego Enrique. “Lily sings like a little bird” and “I am the guilty one.” The Sorrows of Mexico (London: MacLehose Press, 2016), 67-81, 121-141

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Mort, Helen. “Ten Poems.” Guadalajara Book Festival (London: British Council, 2015)

Rulfo, Juan. “from Pedro Páramo.” Inventory, 5 (New Jersey: Princeton University Press, 2014),

Translated texts published in Kenyon Review, LitHub, Guernica, Structo, Asymptote, Words Without Borders, Glasgow Review Of Books, and the Guardian LatAm Now and Cities series 2016-2017

Writing about my work:

Brown, Helen. “On love and dying languages: an interview with Juana Adcock.” BristoLatino (2020), 37-42

Bolte, Rike. “Voces en off: sobre el desplazamiento del decir poético frente a la violencia. Manca de Juana Adcock y Antígona González de Sara Uribe.”  Tintas. Quaderni di letterature iberiche e iberoamericane, 7 (2017), 59-79

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