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Juana Adcock is a Mexican poet, translator and editor based in Scotland. She is the author of Manca (Tierra Adentro, 2014), Vestigial (Stewed Rhubarb, 2022), a suite of poems responding to the work of Alasdair Gray, and Split (Blue Diode, 2019), which was a Poetry Book Society Choice and was included in The Guardian’s Best Poetry of 2019. She is co-editor of the anthology of poetry by Latin American women Temporary Archives (Arc Publications, 2022), and is currently translating the Mè’phàà poet Hubert Matiúwàa’s The Dogs Dreamt (Flipped Eye, forthcoming 2023), Laura Wittner’s Translation of the Route (Poetry Translation Centre, forthcoming 2024) and Lola Ancira’s The Sadness of Shadows (MTO Press, forthcoming 2024).


Juana Adcock (Monterrey, México, 1982) es poeta, traductora y editora. Es autora de Manca (Tierra Adentro, 2014), Vestigial (Stewed Rhubarb, 2022), y Split (Palíndroma, 2022), que fue galardonado en el Reino Unido con el Poetry Book Society Choice y fue incluido en la lista de mejor poesía del 2019 del diario The Guardian. Su poesía ha sido traducida al alemán, polaco, húngaro, catalán, frisón, chino, maltés y francés, entre otras lenguas, y ha participado en numerosos festivales literarios internacionales. Radica en Escocia.

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